Our short-term rental offer

Our short-term rental offer

We have put in place a unique approach that combines the optimal management of your accommodation and the field operations related to travelers.

1 / Managerial approach

Creation and publication of an ad

Registration and efficient management of your ad by a team of professionals. If you don't have quality photos, don't worry, we'll take care of it.

Global dissemination

With precise and complete information on Conciergerie Atlantique but also on the best travel agencies (AirBNB, Tripadvisor, Booking, Magic Stay, Expedia etc.) to guarantee you optimal visibility.

Reservations management

We answer calls, emails and reservations on your behalf, 7 days a week.
Thanks to our unique calendar, it is not possible to get double bookings.

A reliable security deposit service

Thanks to our partner, we guarantee a deposit paid online before entering the accommodation. Travelers leave an online banking imprint that prevents damage to accommodation during their stay.

Price optimization

Our dedicated price management algorithm allows us to optimize the offer according to several parameters (local events, variation in competition, day of the week, last minute, seasonality). You are thus certain to rent at the best price.

Optimization of the occupancy rate

Implementation of an advanced availability strategy: minimum length of stay, last minute discounts, filling in orphan days among others.

Your privileged access via our dedicated application

You can block your personal dates of stay there and follow the rental activity of your accommodation in complete transparency.

2 / Concierge approach

Arrivals management

With our application dedicated to travelers, we communicate all the preliminary information (accommodation guide and internal regulations) for a serene arrival.

Welcoming travelers

We offer the possibility to travelers to collect the keys on site, in agency or independently

Entry / exit inventory

We use a dedicated professional application that allows us to carry out certified inspections of which you will receive a copy by email.

Housekeeping and laundry

We take care of cleaning between stays and, when applicable, the laundry service (provision of bed linen, bath mats, towels).

Want to know more ? You can send us a message via our form https: //www.conciergerie-atlantique.com/fr/contact